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A Run Around the House

As the snow melts, I am smiling thinking of my granddaughter and one of her favorite things to do in the summer sun. “Come on Grandma!” I hear, and then before I know it, she’s off – off to run, run, run, round her house, over and over again. Scrambling to keep up, I’m always just slightly behind her. “Run Grandma! You can do it!” she coaches giggling back at me. Then, I’m giggling in spite of myself and my furled brow! But, I always notice that while I’m racing, huffing and puffing, she’s just having a grand old time, swaying side to side, even as she’s moving quite purposefully forward. Clearly, she seems a woman on a mission – right there in her two-year old body – no doubt about that.

But, it’s that run. How I love that run. Decisive, focused yet so carefree and utterly playful. Just the memory of it leaves me pondering. Hummmmmm. How many untold words have been written by spiritual teachers, expounded upon by the sharpest minds, about how to best cultivate such a state of consciousness carefully balanced in the equanimity of single-pointed expansion, motion and rest, structure and freedom, discipline and play? Yet, there it is, in its purest form, playing out right before my eyes.

Was I like that? Where did mine go? I think I best go on a mission to find my inner two year old! After all, I need lots of help cultivating such advanced states of consciousness.

“Come on Grandma! Run!”

Ooops, gotta go. Lucky for me I have a great teacher and the best playground ever to train in this most serious and disciplined of practices…

Another run around the house.


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