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Something Beautiful

One this sun drenched, light filled, boldly blossoming day, my heart is silently budding in gratitude…for something beautiful is praying us. In 2010, I first heard the whisper of this prayer and was blessed to transcribe. From the Beloved to you. May it bless your day!

Something Beautiful

I Said to God, “I want to do something beautiful for You.” And God Answered…

Just do your part.

Be a seed planter. Do not fool yourself in thinking you create the tree. God alone creates the tree. And remember, it may not even come to full fruition in your lifetime.

Be clear of your intention.

Put out a clear signal. It is only then that it may be used to serve the greatest good.

Seek to live with equanimity and balance.

It is only in such moments when you are truly your Self that I may shine through.

In moments of despair, try to keep an inner smile.

Sit humbly at the feet of your life and be taught. Become the alchemist and blossom because of – not in spite of.

Discern My illusion.

Complete love sees not just My beauty but also discerns the illusion of My absence in ignorance, hatred and evil. Transform illusion within yourself and you can transform it without.

Make Me visible in the world.

You have been given a body-mind through which to make Me visible in the world. Care for the body and harness the mind and you’ll dance in the joy of My spirit.

Live in the mystery.

Remember you only have the vantage point and wisdom of this lifetime. Don’t waste time trying to figure out the big picture or the ‘why’ of things.

Instead, just respond by doing something beautiful for Me.

Is the Beloved whispering something beautiful to you today?


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The Mountains Respond…

… to Boston and to all who are suffering, with Love.

From my last post, you know how I love those dancing mountains. But, even more wondrous is this – they love me. Us. All of us. For when our exuberant dance of unbridled pleasure is abruptly stopped by an act of hatred, terror and fear, the mountain’s dance responds…slowing…cradling, rocking, cleansing and healing us in cool waters carved deep in ageless, moss-lined, crevices. And, suddenly, it’s the Mother’s heartbeat that echoes through the caverns, without and within, and we rest deeply in the place where our ecstatic joy and unbearable sorrow dance together, and we are filled with a peace beyond either or both.

From the Mountains…and ee cummings’ poem…with Love…

When faces of terror are hurled to the ground
And nothing we knew in our world can be found
I look to the mountains and answer their call:
“Come rest in my waters. Grow rooted and tall.”
The mountains are calling, are calling

When you, my brothers and sisters, are harmed
My heart becomes tender, alert and alarmed
I look to the mountains and there do I hear
Love’s true ageless whisper, “Don’t cater to fear.”
The mountains are whispering, are whispering

When all life contracts with confusion and pain
I rise like the oak to sing Love’s refrain!
I look to the mountains; for you and for me
And dance for our healing expansive and free
Yes, the mountains are (still) dancing, are dancing

In Dancing Peace,


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The Mountains are Dancing…

it’s april (yes, april; my darling) it’s spring!

yes the pretty birds frolic as spry as can fly

yes the little fish gambol as glad as can be

(yes the mountains are dancing together)

e.e. cummings

I was about twenty the first time I read e.e. cummings’ poem when faces called flowers float out of the ground (first line). I just knew one day I’d get to go to New Hampshire and visit Joy Farm, e.e. cummings’s summer home, because I just knew it was there he found those mountains dancing. And, sure enough, in the mid 1980s, fate brought Doug and me to New Hampshire and soon after, in April (of course), we made our way up to Madison in search of Joy Farm and those dancing mountains.

As I remember, it was a weekend and, of course, being April, lots of snow still on the ground. We managed to find the entrance to the long driveway leading up to Joy Farm, but it was fenced off and clearly not passable by car. Undaunted, me, already in full swing with those dancin’ mountains, was not so easily dissuaded! So, we made our way back to town to search for someone who might be able to give us some kind of permission or okay to venture up to the Farm by foot. Doug, with feet a little closer to the ground, well actually on the ground, kept reminding me that those mountains would not be dancin’, so unabashedly, with me in jail! Luckily, we were able to locate a man with some authority, in one of the local establishments, who gave us the okay. I remember he looked quite puzzled when I, especially, could not be convinced to return in a couple of months when the road to the Farm would be passable. Didn’t he know those mountains were dancing now?!

So, at last, up the long driveway we went! The house had been vacant awhile yet still felt to be alive, standing, waiting patiently for the return of bare feet, frivolous chatter, the smell of barbecue and night stargazing off the porch. The grounds were open and rambling and a small gazebo-like room, in the middle of the back field, seemed timeless.

But, without a doubt, it was those dancin’ mountains, cradling, remembering, holding us, that kept me frolicking round and round as if I could somehow fly right into the center of their waking, unguarded alive; we’re alive, dear: it’s (kiss me now) spring! pulse.

Away with respectable composure! Down with petty self-consciousness! Let’s dive as the pretty birds dive to the heart of the sky and climb as the little fish climb through the mind of the sea!

It’s April! We’re sun-drenched alive! Our faces like flowers float out of the ground! We’re opening as every leaf opens without any sound! We’re quivering, waking, pulsing as the little fish quiver…so you and so I…

Yes, like us, the mountains are dancing together.

Happy Spring!



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