Something Beautiful

One this sun drenched, light filled, boldly blossoming day, my heart is silently budding in gratitude…for something beautiful is praying us. In 2010, I first heard the whisper of this prayer and was blessed to transcribe. From the Beloved to you. May it bless your day!

Something Beautiful

I Said to God, “I want to do something beautiful for You.” And God Answered…

Just do your part.

Be a seed planter. Do not fool yourself in thinking you create the tree. God alone creates the tree. And remember, it may not even come to full fruition in your lifetime.

Be clear of your intention.

Put out a clear signal. It is only then that it may be used to serve the greatest good.

Seek to live with equanimity and balance.

It is only in such moments when you are truly your Self that I may shine through.

In moments of despair, try to keep an inner smile.

Sit humbly at the feet of your life and be taught. Become the alchemist and blossom because of – not in spite of.

Discern My illusion.

Complete love sees not just My beauty but also discerns the illusion of My absence in ignorance, hatred and evil. Transform illusion within yourself and you can transform it without.

Make Me visible in the world.

You have been given a body-mind through which to make Me visible in the world. Care for the body and harness the mind and you’ll dance in the joy of My spirit.

Live in the mystery.

Remember you only have the vantage point and wisdom of this lifetime. Don’t waste time trying to figure out the big picture or the ‘why’ of things.

Instead, just respond by doing something beautiful for Me.

Is the Beloved whispering something beautiful to you today?


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2 responses to “Something Beautiful

  1. Rev. Pam

    I am left breathless and smiling with the Truth of this sharing. Sweetness. Deep and abiding. Amen

  2. Thank you Rev Stephanie! This is so beautiful…

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