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Sing Allelu

We didn’t know it was going to happen—at least not this fast. But, of course, the timing was perfect. Now, if you know my husband and me you know that, although we absolutely love our simple apartment living, we are, in that deep–inner–most–sweet–spot, first and foremost, wilderness people. So, awhile back, my husband started looking for a camp for us. Never mind that we really didn’t have a clue as to how we could make it happen. Then, unexpectedly, a series of events merged in that heart–pausing dance of divine synchronicity and . . . heaven arrived—complete with a purple outhouse! I mean, really! How could it get any better?!

Our wonderful realtor was a bit shocked when we called all excited. “You do realize it has no plumbing, no electricity, no running water?”

“Yes!” Didn’t budge the needle on our heart meter! We’d seen the pictures. This was our place!

“Uhhh, I think there’s a hose that comes down from the underground stream up the mountain. But that’s all the water that goes to the place.”


“And, it’s quite a long drive up.”

Why was she discouraging us???

When we arrived, she wasn’t able to make it up the drive either by car or foot so she missed the showing. So, boy, was she surprised when we called–on the way home–to say, “This is our place! We’d like to make an offer!”

“Okay . . .” she said slowly trying to hide that, “What are you doing?” in her voice.

And then, our kids thought we should be seriously committed!

“You crazy kids!”

“Are you sure you’re ready for outhouse living?”

“Have you really thought this through? It looks like a lot to take on.”

“Are you sure you can handle it all–afford it?”

And, on and on and on!

Ahhhhhhh . . . but in just the few weeks we’ve owned it I’ve already discovered some important things: how much soot and ash can come out of an old antique stove and how good it can feel to bring it back to life; how our blessed spring bubbles up our water without fail and how it can only flow straight down into our sink–as long as we keep the hose clear😊; how the spirit of the land is wild and has clearly been well loved; how the tall trees and hovering mountains shelter us and whisper in the sweet night sounds; how the outhouse is actually a step up from the in–the–dirt we used to do when wilderness camping; how the old stone fireplace keeps close the special rocks from children exploring in days past; how a screen porch opening to the wild can be all that is needed to cleanse, heal and restore a weary soul; how dirty feet and a hair tie is the most appropriate attire to dine in God’s hall. And, how, as I walk around the land my heart can suddenly, without notice, irrupt singing aloud . . . Allelu . . . (Check out the song Sing Allelu on the Odes of Solomon Project CD and you’ll understand.)

So, crazy? “YES!” Thank God!

But . . . I’ll let you be the judge . . . here are some pictures. The first ones are from our first night and the rest are from just the few visits since . . .


The Start of Our Drive:)
The Cabin:) A Sleeping Loft Upstairs:)
From Our Screen Porch:)
Doors to Heaven:)
Our First Meal:)
Our Special Place:)
Our Fireplace:)
Our Humble Abode:)
Special Night Lights:)
Night time:)
Need I Say More?:)
Happy Us:)


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