The Mountains Respond…

… to Boston and to all who are suffering, with Love.

From my last post, you know how I love those dancing mountains. But, even more wondrous is this – they love me. Us. All of us. For when our exuberant dance of unbridled pleasure is abruptly stopped by an act of hatred, terror and fear, the mountain’s dance responds…slowing…cradling, rocking, cleansing and healing us in cool waters carved deep in ageless, moss-lined, crevices. And, suddenly, it’s the Mother’s heartbeat that echoes through the caverns, without and within, and we rest deeply in the place where our ecstatic joy and unbearable sorrow dance together, and we are filled with a peace beyond either or both.

From the Mountains…and ee cummings’ poem…with Love…

When faces of terror are hurled to the ground
And nothing we knew in our world can be found
I look to the mountains and answer their call:
“Come rest in my waters. Grow rooted and tall.”
The mountains are calling, are calling

When you, my brothers and sisters, are harmed
My heart becomes tender, alert and alarmed
I look to the mountains and there do I hear
Love’s true ageless whisper, “Don’t cater to fear.”
The mountains are whispering, are whispering

When all life contracts with confusion and pain
I rise like the oak to sing Love’s refrain!
I look to the mountains; for you and for me
And dance for our healing expansive and free
Yes, the mountains are (still) dancing, are dancing

In Dancing Peace,


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9 responses to “The Mountains Respond…

  1. Peggy

    The mountain is big enough for the community to dance upon.

  2. Stephanie

    Indeed Peggy…indeed! In fact, what a beautiful idea to consider – to join on a mountain and to dance together. Anyone else called to join?? If so, chime in! Thanks Peggy for starting the conversation…Stephanie

  3. Thank you! For your sweet loving embrace.

  4. The mountains are big enough for the whole world to dance on! Count me in!

    Thank you, Rev. Stephanie, for including the entire poem. The first stanza is both chilling and welcoming.



  5. Stephanie

    Hi Julia, how wonderful to hear you’re excited to dance on the mountain!
    And, just to be clear about the poem – the words are mine but the rhythm and sentiment come directly from the ee cummmings poem I referenced in my last blog…Soon to be dancing!! Stephanie

  6. Ahjan

    Thanks for that clarification Stephanie! I have a large volume of timeless Mystical Verse and I was thinking, “Wow, ee cummings has said the same thing that our hearts have been learning! I missed that one!” And then, truly, the poem makes sense coming through both channels of inspiration; both his and yours! I have heard the whispering mountains, beyond the blood stained side walks, “Don’t cater to fear”. A heartfelt thank you, Ahjan

  7. Beautiful…a poem that can be expanded, just like the loving heart of the mountains. 🙂

  8. BJ

    Beautiful poem, Stephanie! And so the dance continues… it has always been there, waiting for us, inviting us to join.

  9. Carol Gaudreau

    I believe the mountains are calling while they are dancing; calling, calling all of us to unite and dance together!!! Shall we Dance? I say we shall!
    Beautiful words Stephanie…… Sat Nam

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