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How to Contribute

Dear Readers –

If you’d like to join this online discussion by posting an entry on the Become a Force for Good blog, please email your submissions (in Word format or simply in the body of your email) to:


Please include your written & signed permission stating that your words may be posted as a blog entry. All submissions will be reviewed and uploaded usually within 24 business hours.

On the other hand, if you’d simply like to submit a quick comment to a post that’s already up, just click on the blue “Leave a Comment” link at the end of the post you’re commenting on and type what you’d like to say in the comment box you’re led to. Once you submit your comment, it is then “pending” until I go in to approve it, at which point you’ll see your words in all their glory. I check my email often, so comments usually won’t sit “pending” for much longer than a couple hours or so.

Happy writing! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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Compassion through the Pain

I just wanted to take a moment to connect with you about this – as it is a situation very close to my own heart.

I am currently writing a memoir about this very same thing… how to hold on to compassion while we navigate all the different emotions that we experience when we are faced with acts of violence or crimes that cause so much pain and fear and yet seem to make no sense.

My mother was murdered when I was 12 and I spent many years trying to make sense of it all. I am happy to say that my yoga practice has helped me tremendously with moving into a place of healing. My mother’s death was tragic and I still cannot stand to think of her suffering but it also allowed me the opportunity to practice forgiveness on such a huge scale.

It is a delicate and challenging act – trying to balance your very human feelings of loss, sadness, anger and grief while still not losing sight of compassion. Keeping your heart open to those who hurt you…. lots of deep breathing certainly helps. 🙂

It is a journey that I have personally undertaken and have not only survived but thrived because of it.

If there is any way in which my own experiences could help facilitate healing within the community then I am happy to lend my voice.

Please let me know how I might be of service.



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