Stones and Ripples

Ever since sitting in circle with Medicine Story, I’ve been coming out of my daily practice with the image of ever-widening circles. Each time we sit in spiritual practice we are as a stone dropping into the water. The ripples simply extend out on the outer surface of our lives as a result of our inner movement. We don’t have to worry how they are created or how far they may extend. It is not our charge. We simply drop in. Sometimes the water we drop into is murky. It’s hard to see and we don’t know where we might land. Other times it’s crystal clear and we enjoy the ride. Still we keep dropping in trusting that all our efforts are rippling out to destinations, graciously, known and unknown. This is the heart of spiritual practice.

And, as the ripples of our practice extend out beyond our known horizons, the expression of our life’s purpose or destiny can begin to be realized. Each of us, as sparks of the Divine, has a unique role to play in the divine plan. Through our spiritual practice, we begin to cultivate the truth of our inner life, both the impulse, or unique role, that enlivens us as well as the personal beliefs and patterns that deaden our resolve. It is from this experience that we gain the authenticity from which to offer our help, guidance and support to others. It is from this experience that we, simply through our presence, may minister to the circles that gather around us from family to strangers…and, it is from this authentic presence, that our efforts may ripple out to those destinations, graciously, known and unknown. This is our vision for all who gather at the Tree of Life.

~ Rev. Stephanie Rutt

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