I Used to Want a Ph.D

I read a part of this poem, now also mentioned in the video clip, “The Gift from the Homeless Man” in my Thanks-giving service.  Here is the full poem.  May receiving it somehow serve your journey…    

“I Used to Want a Ph.D”

I used to want a Ph.D.

but that was long before I caught

You, my Beloved,

smiling at me through those sparkled leaves…

waving at me from that bottomless sky…

Long before I heard Your call pulsating soft

against the light brown breasts of

those two morning doves

caught on my screen porch…

Before I was abruptly stopped by that glance…

from the homeless man on the corner –

the one with the sign…

holding me fast by my surprise love for him…

Until later I realized it was You…

And, yes, my Beloved

Even long before you spoke for me when I could not…

I used to want a Ph.D. so I would know.

Now my soul, not knowing and undone

soars in stillness

helplessly caught in Your wonder.



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2 responses to “I Used to Want a Ph.D

  1. Paula S.

    Beautifully said, dear Stephanie!

  2. Beth

    Thank You Stephanie. You say it SO beautifully! And it speaks to my never ending questioning: Which “reality” to trust?

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