Saying “Yes”!

This past weekend I was blessed to take my beloved Tree of Life Interfaith Seminary Class of 2013 on their final retreat before their ordination next Saturday. Every seminary class is, of course, uniquely special having its own energy, essence and presence. Witnessing this beloved Class of 2013, I have been most profoundly struck by their faith, individually and collectively. Along their two year journey, some have experienced life circumstances capable of derailing the most resolute in resolve. Yet, hand in hand, they have emerged full of Grace – strong, humble, and fully ready to say Yes! As I looked at each one, I felt such gratitude and blessing to be in their presence. Along with joyful hearts tuned in beauty’s way, they carry the gift of blossoming not in spite of…but because of into the world. They are my inspiration.

And, it’s an important reminder for all of us that, sometimes, seeking to live a more divinely inspired life, may not necessarily mean that life gets more joyous or even easier. Tests are an inherent part of the experience. But, I agree with Peace Pilgrim when she says that it is good to be tested as then we really get to find out just where we are.

But, here is the good news! As we are seeking to step into what’s next, it actually makes perfect sense that a kind of tune up would be in order. Why? New expressions of being require new expansions of awareness and energetic vibration. What we are cultivating next actually needs the essence and energy, held knotted in our fears, to blossom and thrive. This is why when we are allowing ourselves to be silently drawn toward what we truly love (Rumi sentiment), the fears often, suddenly, show up in tow: Can I really do this? Am I worthy? Will I be good enough? Saying Yes requires we love our self enough to untie the knots and get free from what binds us and this getting free is exactly what makes for good compost ready to nourish what is next. It’s a kind of transformation born of radical self-acceptance and it does, slowly yet surely, set us free.

So, while getting our spiritual engines cleaned and tuned may not be the fun part, we emerge better fit for the road and for what the journey may bring. We start to get that it’s not about perfection but authenticity. We start to know that we are not alone. We know now we are enough and we are nothing. And, most wondrous of all, Grace seems to have taken over our GPS! And, we gladly follow the Beloved’s directions. We know now that Love is the only destination there is.

This is faith. This is freedom.

Congratulations Class of 2013!

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