Become a Living Prayer

Everyone loves a secret. But, ahhhh, there is a secret known as the greatest of all secrets – indeed so profound that it is capable of unlocking within each of us the full awareness of our place in the cosmos, our place in the divine plan. Spoiler alert! Leave this post now if you are not ready to Know! For once you Know, you cannot not Know. There is no going back. There will be no more reasons not to create a life of beauty – to truly become a living prayer.

This greatest of all secrets is that God does not live in you…but, rather, you live in God. Pause for just a moment and allow this secret to settle within you. These were the words of Krishna to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, when the Beloved was guiding Arjuna on the path to his greatest service and toward the full emersion with Him, divine bliss. Yet, Truth, being universal, is not contained within any one faith tradition. Saint Therese of Lisieux said it this way, I am the atom of Jesus…for I have the Host as my support.

I find something so very comforting, embracing, supporting, that I can do nothing but exhale into some deep place of slumber when I imagine it, even as I also feel myself inhale, stirring awake, stretching into ahhh-liveness. Can it really be? I too am an atom in the body of the Beloved? I too am a living pulse of the greatest of all secrets? Just the ever so faint imagining of it leaves me still and silent, yet bursting, frolicking in childlike exuberance, as Grace has its way with me.

And how does this blessed awareness birth each of us into becoming a living prayer? Well, for example, you may have wondered, with literally millions of people praying to God, or to Jesus, Shiva, Quan Yin, or another representative on a regular basis, how all of these prayers could be held equally by any one entity? The mind struggles with this if we think of God, or the representative, as outside of our self. Once we remember the great secret, that we live in God, a fundamental shift happens. Recognizing, just like Saint Therese or Arjuna, that we too are an atom in the body of Jesus, or Christ Consciousness, as we too live in the heart of God, we start to get that it is our job, as an atom, to attune ourselves to the body of our blessed creator, our Host. Now, we do not pray to but, rather, as, as Sikh Yogi Bhajan used to say, as one who recognizes that it is our birthright to become, as Jesus said, perfect even as our Father in heaven is perfect.

Perfect, you say. And, why not? Perfection as an instrument of Grace has nothing to do with perfection as our ego might imagine it. In fact, it is exactly in such moments of Grace or pure attunement, with the One within whom we live and move and have our being, we instantly get it is not about us at all. As Krishna reminds Arjuna, we too are just here to fulfill a purpose, to play a part, to get something done, and to, along the way, fully experience that we too are, graciously, a spark of the light of all lights forever beyond darkness, birthing all of creation.

Jesus said the same by reminding us, Ye are the light of the world. Realizing this, our lives naturally become a living prayer, sparking, serving with delight some greater purpose of which we are, often, only partially aware. And, how perfectly so. It is not our job, after all, to focus on the destination or outcome. It is our job to attune our heart beat to the One heart beat, our breath to the One breath, our will to Divine Will. In this way, we bring our light out from hiding, out from under that bushel of ours, as the great song This Little Light of Mine sings, to let it shine, shine, shine. And, the whole world becomes ablaze with our light as we step into our birthright to spark with the light of all lights and answer the charge of Jesus, Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works. It is the intention and purpose of all spiritual practice.


Dare to imagine yourself an atom in the body of all creation.
Dare to ignite your spark to shine, shine, shine!
Dare to imagine your DNA contains a unique role to play in the vital functioning of our Host, the Host of all Hosts.

Dare…and create a life of beauty far beyond your imagination…

Dare…and become a living prayer.


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4 responses to “Become a Living Prayer

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Just so beautiful. Synchronicity abounds; Life is Good! Abodanza! Grazie Mille!

  2. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful – to be read again and again and again!!!!! xo

  3. BJ

    What a wonderful secret! And so eloquently described! This knowledge fosters greater understanding of the adage ‘Thou art, I am not.’

  4. Ooooooeeeee, thank you and all along I thought I needed a battery pack, which I envisioned always running low, when the whole time I a cell in the countless of zillions of cells in the one great body of the Almighty.
    a great xo to you dear Stephanie.

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