Be Ye Therefore Perfect…

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect…Matthew 5:48

This morning I heard that whisper, slumbering in the soothing darkness just before dawn. I love the dark. Somehow everything is so much clearer then. Even my fears. And then I feel Psalm 23 roll off my quiet lips and I remember I am not alone.  Soon my beloved and unrelenting guide, Brihaspati, appears and we consort to tune my inner Jupiter, the vibration of equanimity, for there is work to be done.  And then, as the first sun rays pierce my sweet darkness, I am complete with my Lord’s Prayer.  Could it be? Yes, I too am the malkutha, the kingdom within, the wahayla, the power birthed by love, and the wateshbukhta, the glory in constant praise of You, my Beloved.

Kosi Ravaya. I overflow.

Awake now.  I have remembered.

Already full…so I can be empty. 

Already enough…so I can be nothing.

And just as night becomes day, I too yield all my imperfections into Your hands.

Kindly reshape them into something more beautiful for You…so that maybe, just maybe, in some Grace-filled, unexpected, unforeseen moment, I may find myself perfect even as You are perfect…


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