An Ecstatic Death

As the New Year dawns we begin to think of letting go of the past and ringing in the new. It can feel both joyous and well as challenging. It always reminds me that death and birth are inextricably linked – one always opening to the other. This past semester in school, I was blessed to dive deeply into St. Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle and titled my final paper An Ecstatic Death. Then, over the holidays, I was gifted with Andrea Bocelli’s The Lord’s Prayer accompanied by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Somehow, from the merging alchemy of both, the poem below emerged.

May Love transform us…so we may die to self and be reborn in glory…

An Ecstatic Death

I hear you now my Love…hallowed…singing my barely audible pulse.

I feel you now my Love…mercifully…catching my awe-filled breath.

I see you now my Love…everywhere…lighting my blinded sight.


You have silenced my surest knowing.

You have unarmed my best guess.

You have emptied my will.

You have pierced my heart and left me bleeding …only love…for You.


I am silent now…sensing only the moist touch of You on my lips.


I am dying now…in sweet ecstasy…

Feeling only the kiss of your Love birthing me…lifting me…onto your Grace…


To soar…glorious and free…

Home to you my Beloved…

Home to you.

Happy Blessed New Year to All!


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3 responses to “An Ecstatic Death

  1. Beth

    So Beautiful! Thank you.

  2. Ahjan

    Such a tender and intimate sharing. May we all feel ourselves made buoyant by the transformation of Love! Here’s to relaxing into the “S”word; Surrender! Happy New Year to all, to new beginnings and new endings!

  3. Constance

    Meaningful and sensitive poem. Have you heard of the film about ecstatic death? I would like to know more about it if you have.

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