The Beloved’s Doodling – Shown!

Hello Everyone,

In response to my earlier post The Beloved’s Doodling, it was requested that I show some of my tangles. Here are a few samples below. Enjoy!
















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10 responses to “The Beloved’s Doodling – Shown!

  1. What mysteries there must be in the details.

  2. I just LOVE these BEAUTIFUL images that speak to your connection to the Spirit That Moves Between (and In) Us All. They awaken my Belov├Ęd’s call to me on this sparkling sunny day. As my high school art teacher used to say, “There’s nothing to it but to do it.” You have it; the connection with God and the courage to express your soul’s message to us all.

  3. Julie Spokane

    Stephanie!!! I can’t wait to show my darling daughter what you have tangled!!! These are so beautiful and she will especially resonate with those Hebrew Letters. Julie

  4. Absolutely lovely – a mirror of you, Stephanie!

  5. Ahjan

    “And as I continued to tangle, it was as if I had stepped over some threshold right into the portal of each letter.” Beyond your initial hesitancy as “artist” and then so claiming as an instrument of the Creator, beyond crossing the threshold, another lesson given to me by you was your ease with the accidental running and smudging of some of your letters. “I’ll just get some white out”! Don’t know if that was your initial reaction, but the way that you presented it reminded me clearly of the impermanence of our creations, letting go of mind attached suffering and acceptance of imperfection. Always learning, always delighted to witness the light! The tangles are delightful! (i hope everyone know that you can enlarge them by clicking on them!) Peace

    • Stephanie

      Hi Ahjan! When I first realized I had smudged a few of the letters from glue on my fingertips placing hole supports in my book, my first response was, “Oh noooooooooooo!!!!!” soon followed by a sense of relief and gratitude that I had already taken pictures of them. But, then it was fine. As you can see from the enlargements, they are far from perfect in form or coloring. No, they are imperfectly perfect…and I just love them as they are…white out and all:) Thanks for sharing:)

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