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The Circle of Blessings: A Thanksgiving Message

In this season of Thanksgiving, my heart is overflowing with quiet joy. There is a sweet remembrance of falling leaves painting breathless strokes against the sky. My grateful heartbeat now pulses to some song my soul has yet to sing. And, in the middle, I rest. I am complete.

How sacred is this life we have been given. A gift of Grace. And, as each moment skips past in delight, the only yearning that remains is to love a little better, forgive a little deeper and to respond a little swifter to the call of suffering in my neighbor’s eyes. For, why have such moments been given if not to compel us straight into the heart of one another?

I am so grateful for our community. I feel it a sanctuary in an increasingly polarized world. It is a blessing to gather into our circles, hand in hand, where we know we are held, supported and deeply cherished by one another. And, blessedly, this love then becomes a gift to the One Love and, like ripples in a pond, moves out to be used in ways we know not. How wonderful.

As children and grandchildren crowd around my Thanksgiving table and we bow our heads for grace, I want you to know that you too will be there with me for my heart bows in gratitude for each of you. I feel we have been brought together to live an amazing vision of unity amongst peoples, cultures and faith traditions. It is not easy to confront terror while continuing to hold the terrorist in our hearts. It is not easy to stand for goodness and compassion while some mistakenly forge hatred and polarization to separate us from one another. But, when I stand in our circles, I know that such separation is not possible. How I wish everyone could have such an experience. How different our world might be.

We are not meant to journey alone. It is why we have been given to one another. And, it is together, hand in hand, we will discover the equanimity born of courageous compassion to ever expand our circles as we walk our path, manifest our vision, and set a place for all at our table. I can think of no better way to say thank you for this life we have been given.

A Blessed Thanksgiving Everyone…


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