To Brussels with Love

I wondered about the baby picked up off the subway floor. I flinched at the piercing sounds of the child screaming. I tried to imagine the story behind the bouquet of flowers clenched fast by the man hurrying away. And then, for just a few seconds, I felt my jaw soften as I saw someone kneeling down on the sidewalk writing in blue chalk, “WE ARE ONE.”

And I thought about what Anne Frank said, “Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness,” a sentiment expressed across many faith traditions. We too can light a candle dear community, indeed, many candles from the one. For Brussels and for the millions who are suffering violence at this moment. We must.

Blessedly, there is a stirring right here in our community right now. We are beginning to gather together, people from many faith communities. We are visioning together making a visible, public statement of peaceful solidarity, purpose and hope – making visible that blue message on that sidewalk, “WE ARE ONE.” If you are wondering what you can do, how you can help to bring light into the darkness of ignorance, join us for we will be walking together, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhist, Hindus, Sikhs, Native Americans, to name only a few, lighting many candles against the backdrop of horror and suffering.

Muhammad said, “None of you are true believers until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.” My love yearns for the baby to be well, the child comforted, the flowers to be delivered, and, mostly, for many of us to come together for peace – to rise up as we kneel together, side by side, with blue chalk to write in a thousand languages, “WE ARE ONE.”

For Brussels. For all humankind.

Join us. It is time.


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10 responses to “To Brussels with Love

  1. Laurie Van Dyck

    Thank you — once again, dear friend, teacher and fellow path walker, for this written affirmation which asks us to remember…that this is the time to walk — and kneel — as one. We stand, walk, and kneel for, and with the Love that binds and cannot be destroyed. Love you, S.

  2. Ellen Stevenson

    I can not come to New Hampshire, nor can I walk, but if you will kindly let me know the date and time, I will join with you in spirit, and help create a more loving world.

  3. Alexis Eaton

    I just saw a Facebook post that read, “When will we stop lighting candles and start bombing terrorists?” I didn’t know how to respond. Thank you, Stephanie, for continually talking about the light and our oneness.

    • Stephanie

      Dear Alexis, so nice to have you in our conversation…I would respond, “I would always light candles and, should it become necessary to respond with force, I would examine my heart for intent. ‘Reacting,’ I become no different from the other. ‘Acting,’ I choose to fight to restore the peace but would find no pleasure in doing so. Also, I would pray for healing for everyone….God Bless!

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