Guru ‘One Sock’

I’ve nicked named my two-year-old dear grandson One Sock as it seems he is rarely in possession of two. But, one day, he also became my Guru on one of our treasure hunts out into that wild, wondrous backyard of his. Knowing full well the time to embark, he points to the yard in captain style saying with clear resolve, “Treasyour. Treasyour!” and, without delay, pushes through the screen door with his Thomas the Engine treasure box close in hand. No time to waste! Off we go!

Soon, he pauses and picks up a small piece of bark. “Treasyour, Gamah,” and it goes into his box. A few steps later, he holds up a small leaf for me to examine. “Treasyour. Treasyour!” And, over a short period of time, his little treasure box becomes quite full.

One day, it was I who saw what looked like a true treasure, a white crystal. “Treasure, One Sock!” I said, “Treasure!” As I bent low to hold it close, I imagined a kind of teaching moment about the differences between ordinary treasures and this special one. But, my grandson seemed neither impressed nor deterred. Slowly, he guided me along and then paused to pick up one of those quite ordinary treasures camouflaged among all the other nondescript rocks. “Treasyour, Gamah. Treasyour.” And then our treasure hunt ended as cheese crackers, fruit cups and naptime called.

Now, I will leave it to others to debate what was or was not musing in the mind of my grandson that day. For me, in the quiet of the afternoon, I found myself contemplating the true treasure I had been led to discover. And, I heard the voice of the Guru, the Holy One…

“Pause. There I am waiting to be known in the very places you may least suspect. Remember. I bring forth all creation and delight in all My expressions. There is no hierarchy or grades of importance in My holiness. There is no part of My creation more beloved by Me than another. I am easy to see in what you may imagine as special but, truly, I am equally present in what you may imagine as ordinary. When you learn this, you will see Me everywhere. And, like One Sock, you will delight in everything.”

 Thank you, One Sock.


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9 responses to “Guru ‘One Sock’

  1. Ah, beautiful reflection! An “ordinary rock transformed”! Thank you OneSock!

  2. Pat Bowler

    Stephnie, you have been one of the great teachers on my path. Thank you for the treasure of your teachings. One sock is a very lucky grandchild.

    • Stephanie Rutt

      Pat! Oh my…how many years has it been? Thank you so much for your kind words. I would love to see you again!

  3. Thank you, Stephanie. I saw so much of my Shiloh in One Sock. John

    • Stephanie Rutt

      Hi John…yes, we grandparents are in a special club all our own, aren’t we? What a blessing it is…:)

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