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It is So Happy to Love

“It is so happy to love,” said the Shepherd quietly. “There is pain too, certainly, but Love does not think that very significant.” Hinds’ Feet on High Places

Moments. I can close my eyes and remember the very day the What If? poem flowed through me, sitting on the floor, at the Tree of Life Interfaith Fellowship off the Milford Oval in 2005. It was the vision given to me for what was to become our beloved Temple. I can remember the very morning I was told to create the Living Your Purpose: The Heart of Spiritual Practice course in 2007 which was to generate the initial curriculum for the seminary and then, two years later, the morning I was told to start the seminary. Moments when that undeniable whisper would have its way. Love is like that. Moments that have charted my course to which I only needed to set the sails. Truly, looking back, all that was needed was my answer and response for the vision did not come from me but rather, graciously, poured through me.

Funny thing about those visions. If we’re lucky, one day we get to see and know that we were, indeed, only the caretaker for a little while. For a vision, particularly one held by many souls, needs new caretakers to infuse seasons of growth with a beauty it could not have known otherwise. It is only in this way that the vision may continue to evolve into what has already been ordained and held in the mind of God from the beginning. As the initial caretaker, I was blessed beyond measure to receive the seed for the Tree of Life Interfaith Temple, to plant it lovingly in the fertile ground of our collective love, and to tender its growth. But now it is time for a new caretaker and a new season of growth to bring forth the next season of that flowering beauty.

I would like to honor and to thank Rev. Linda Goodman who will soon be our new humble caretaker, Presiding Minister, for her deep desire, steadfast love, and total commitment to our vision and to guiding the Temple to become what is next for its life and joy. My heart is grateful beyond measure.

So, yes, there is pain too, certainly, but, most graciously, Love does not think that very significant. For, as the seasons pass and I get to look upon all your treasured faces, many of whom I have long loved, I know I will not be able to keep from smiling. Love is like that. It leaves the heart open and tender and, me, simply unable to stop singing…

It is so happy to love.

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