Synchronicity and 3 Feathers

It’s been said that synchronicity is the language of God. In those times when we recognize the language and can sense that wondrous dance of synchronicity sparking us, ironically, we often find ourselves becoming very still—for we know now no effort is required on our part—except for our willingness to simply be malleable instruments in the flow of the moment. It brings that I-wonder-what’s-going-to-happen-next inner giggle, as we fully know now that the Unseen Hand has got this. One such time I found myself in that flow was when we were gifted with the name of our blessed wilderness camp.

I’d already felt the dance beginning when the call of the wild started moving my feet the very first time we visited the wilderness property. Oddly, I wasn’t drawn to go into the cabin first. Instead, I found myself making my way further up the mountain, following a thin black hose I’d been told led to the spring, our only water source. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the land had already claimed me. We weren’t even half way home when we called our realtor and excitedly told her we were ready to buy—yes, no offer here—just buy! There was no doubt this was our place. Later, as we discovered that the sunsets off our screened porch offered the best evening programing and that our kerosene lamps, solar lights and blazing stone fireplace created the most wonderful glow and soothing warmth for our sleepy hearts and dusty feet – well, we just knew. It’s why I often say now, “3 Feathers Camp, aka Heaven!”

Soon I started thinking that our new camp needed a name. I began praying that the name would come, for just like the camp and our part as the new caretakers had so effortlessly been brought together, I just knew that its name was already alive in the mind of God and would soon be revealed. About that time, my husband and I went for a walk in a park close to where we lived in town and three feathers found me. I was thrilled and immediately made a nature creation to hold this blessed find. (first picture below) In the Native American tradition, feathers are considered a special omen, a message from the Great Spirit.

Now, also, it’s important to note that the number three has profound meaning for me. My theological underpinning could be described as the Trilogy of Love, the paradigm I first conceived while working on my doctorate. With love as the organizing force in the Trilogy, we as Lovers engage the Love to merge with our Beloved and create the conditions to experience moments of mystical unity with our Creator. This Love may be sacred sound, movement or journeying into the spirit of all things. For example, many faith traditions chant, sing or intone the holy and recognize that there in the silence that follows is the portal into the divine. Sufis spin as they inaudibly chant, merging into stillness and oneness with Allah. And Shamans, throughout the ages, have entered into unity with their Beloved Great Spirit as they have chanted and danced on the spirit of the rattle and drum. In moments of mystical unity, all distinctions between Lover, Love and Beloved dissolve leaving only the One. So, being gifted with three feathers on our walk felt like that dance of synchronicity had already found my feet again.

Shortly after, in July of 2020, I wrote a blog, The Spirit of Place and Three Feathers, in which I shared the story of finding those three feathers and the relationship to the Trilogy of Love. A long–time Tree of Life beloved commented in response to the blog that “Three Feathers” sounded like the name for a new nest. (I had called my old brick and mortar teaching space, “The Sparrow’s Nest.”) I remember thinking, “Well, if I open a new space, that’s what I’ll call it.”

Then, a few days later, as my husband and I were heading out to try a new trail near our camp, I heard myself say, “How about if we call our camp Three Feathers Camp? My husband agreed that would be okay but pointed out that I hadn’t found the feathers on our land. So, as we started our hike, I let the idea rest. Then, as we were heading back, I saw the most beautiful large feather and then shortly after another one that looked just like it but much smaller. As we came in eye shot of the Jeep, my husband said smiling, “Okay, find another one and we’ll call it Three Feathers Camp!” When we got within feet of the Jeep, I looked off to my right over a pretty field and there it was about twenty feet out—the third feather. So now our camp had a name! (second picture below) Later, when I shared some pictures, another long–time Tree of Life beloved said that the third feather was a dove feather. The Trilogy of Love was first introduced in my book, The Call of the Mourning Dove: How Sacred Sound Awakens Mystical Unity. Amen.

Over the summer, my husband created a beautiful sign for our gate to add his special touch to this new creation. (third and fourth pictures below)

We often recognize the language of God best in hindsight. It awakens us to the wonder of life and the remembrance that all that’s required is that we do our part. That, in fact, that Unseen Hand has totally got this—us—life. It puts a giggle in our hearts and a dance in our feet.

And we are glad.


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4 responses to “Synchronicity and 3 Feathers

  1. Carolyn Tobin

    Dearest Stephanie, Oh how thankful I am to have found you! I always save your posts until I can sit in peace and read every luxurious word, and let my heart soak it in. Crying now ( as usual lol ), I’m so moved by the truth and beauty of your story. So blessed and uplifted too. I’m reading it this morning from the comfort of my bed in Portsmouth hospital! I’m soon to be discharged praise the lord. I got myself into a dangerous health state last week but thankfully all good now. Will explain all and the message I clearly heard in our practice last Wednesday that broke my heart open… I look forward to seeing you later in the week. Happy Mother’s Day 🧚‍♂️ I’m so thankful to have your love and wisdom in my life, and your spiritual mothering. Cxxx

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    • Rev. Dr. Stephanie Rutt

      My Dearest Carolyn, I am so grateful to hear that you are okay and I’ll look forward to our time together soon. Rest and take care…and know you are well loved…

  2. Mary

    GREAT STORY Stephanie!! LOVE those feathers! Also love the wonderful sign Doug made – quite a talented man!

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