Guest Blog by Rev. DeAnne DeVaul

After describing the path before us, Stephanie sat there, grinning, ear to ear with excitement. My first thought: “Why is she the only one so excited about us going out to not look for something – rather, to let it find us?” My second thought: “What might she know about what awaits us?” I began my Saturn Walk of the Sage by looking for a path that wasn’t too hard for me to navigate. I walked along something that looked like a golfing green or fairway. I tried hard not to look around for things, but I had to navigate my way lest I fall. Now at the end of the grassy area, I came upon a particular spot that had small colonial columns around a small pool and several benches. I stepped into this gathering place. There was a canopy above with walls of trees banding around it. Just as the trees fixed my attention, I heard, what must have been awaiting my arrival, a chorus of chattering birds all over and other sounds unfamiliar to me – the waves of rustling leaves. There was so much noise surrounding me, immersing me in wonder and delight! I was immediately filled with excitement. And in an instant, I understood exactly what that excitement was that had Stephanie smiling before us! I was so surprised! I had barely found a safe path to this holy place and there it was waiting for me, singing in chorus after chorus, and holding me and I was “beside myself”! Again, I tried not to seek out that which would speak to me. But I turned to see the fullness of this realm before me – and there HE was – a large tree just outside of the concrete circle, yet under the canopy. (picture below) He stood before me, waiting for me to catch His eye watching me . . . as I beheld Him. And He revealed to me His fulness. Then, I sat, waited, and wondered how I could possibly return to our meeting room with a 30-foot tree! Then it happened; kerplunk! A nut as big as my palm gave way to gravity and hit me on my head! (picture below) At once, I thought “This is the treasure that I will take and share with the group.” When I began to think that even these people of God might laugh at my story (and that I should wait a bit longer for another gift), it seemed as though the entire canopy burst into a louder chorus, now with the falling of many hearts! This time, I laughed and took the first seed to our sacred circle. My filled heart overflows . . .

And here is a beautiful poem DeAnne wrote about her experience:


Angel wings spread
The white cloud’s canopy
fills the sky.

No form surrounds this soul,
But sweetly glides –

Taking me to the heights
Of silent and dry lightning –

Keeping watch,
Guarding mind and spirit,
Within, and without –

I have no need of wings
To carry nor be lifted now.

DeAnne 9.30.21

The Tree . . .
The First Seed . . .
The New Reverend!


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4 responses to “Guest Blog by Rev. DeAnne DeVaul

  1. Alexis Eaton

    I love this DeAnne. Thank you for sharing this with us. And thank you for the copy of your song lyrics that you sang at ordination. I read them and they comfort me. Love, Alexis

  2. Joan Kunkel

    Beautiful. I close my eyes and can feel the natures embrace and such a wonderful remembrance of your time.

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