A Love Song: Wild and Free

Listen only with your heart

There is a song waiting just for you . . . your special song . . . waiting

And when you least expect it

it will quite suddenly find you

And leave you bursting open

Singing . . . Your love song   

From a distant star


For thousands of years, holy men and women from indigenous cultures have gone out into nature to hear their power songs, songs used for healing and ceremonial work. It’s less known that each of us, as well, carries a song, one that silently waits in the deep caverns of our heart yearning to, one day, escape free singing. I like to call it a love song because its power engenders a deep connection to all of life. I’d been sending a prayer on the wind of the Great Spirit asking for my love song to be sung and then, one day, out walking with my drum at our wilderness camp, 3 Feathers, it came. It so took me by surprise, this song–chant I’d never heard before, now suddenly singing me, that I rushed back to our cabin to write it down so I might look up its meaning. (And the Great Spirit was smiling) Of course, I couldn’t find any such chant or even anything remotely like it. This is because our love song is a fully unique expression of our soul. Pause. Imagine that.

Now, each time we visit 3 Feathers, I take my drum, or rattles, and go out singing my love song into the Spirit of the Place. And sometimes when I stop and become very still, I can feel its love in return. And, together, our song fills my soul as my Spirit, and the Spirit of the Place, become one.

Would you like to find your song so your soul can sing again? If so, leave the known way and follow the path known only to the high-flying hawks, budding sunflowers, whispering stones, hidden springs and the night stars lingering now, shining just for you, from a lost time. It will arise from the Great Mother into your feet as soon your steps and turns will instinctively propel it out, singing onto the breath of the Great Spirit to bless all on your path. And you will know a joy that comes only when you find yourself releasing all you carry not essential to the beauty and goodness of life as your soul dances . . . dances now . . .

wild and free.

Nothing like the Spirit of the Rain for play on a hot day!

Heading out the back with my rattles…singing my love song…
View from my hammock…the Spirit of this Tree has taught me so much…
The Spirit of the Sun never fails to call me…


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6 responses to “A Love Song: Wild and Free

  1. I can’t remember how many times I have frantically run to find paper and pen to save a song given from or to my Beloved. I’ve been able to “save” maybe half of them. The others, not tucked away in a book, fly will and free out there, perhaps, to find love in an Other.

    • Rev. Dr. Stephanie Rutt

      Oh DeAnne! Thanks so much for adding your beautiful words and wisdom here…I absolutely know that your songs scatter your love to land in many…

  2. Carolyn Tobin

    Thank you dear one, for your beautiful poetry, and your wild, holy heart.
    Thank you for reminding me of that song in the heart of all things that invites us to silence as we listen for our own unique note, I love that so much.
    Thank you for reminding me that we each have a personal invitation, as “deep calls to deep”.
    Thanks too for sharing your little slice of heaven. 😍 🙏❤️

    • Rev. Dr. Stephanie Rutt

      Dearest Carolyn, thanks so much…I love that “…song in the heart of all things that invites us to silence…” Ummmmmmmm…

  3. Ahjan

    This is how I was taught, by its maker, to play the Native American flute… to look into the Spirits of Nature, in all things, and play their song. I am still looking into myself to hear my own song. I imagine that the one song that is not forgotten is meant to be the Soul Song, held by the heart.

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