A Sharing of the Experience of Joy

Guest Post by Winnie Robichaud

What a wonderful way to start a Saturday morning, a spiritual practice for experiencing Joy. From the moment I walked through the door, joy filled the space. The joy of seeing wonderful loving friends and the joy that comes from anticipating a special spiritual practice. My heart was already open and singing. There is something very special and powerful about sitting in practice with a group of people. Everything is magnified for me as compared to my sitting as an individual with God.

It is hard to single out a specific segment of the practice that spoke to me more deeply, as I find that each meditation builds on the previous one. However, I had a particularly vivid and intimate experience as I sat in silence after completing the OM Meditation. It was not a prolonged experience but one that was undeniable. As I entered the silence, there was an immediate sense of being wrapped in a cocoon of God. I felt like a caterpillar wrapped in silken threads, snuggled in my capsule of God. There was a knowing that I was safe and always held, no matter what. As that knowing filled me, the cocoon grew to enfold our group. We sat together in our circle wrapped in a chrysalis of God. And then once more the cocoon grew, this time to encircle the earth. God wraps each individual in his love as well as all that He has created. May we each be able to behold God in everything and experience the fullness of joy.

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