Guest post by Rev. AhJan Grossman

In September’s Tree of Life worship service, The Vision Place of the Soul, Rev. Stephanie Rutt incorporated a story about Joshua Chamberlain drawn from the Civil War.

Outnumbered and decimated by previous battles Joshua Chamberlain, in a tenuous situation at best, commanded, “Charge!” and by so doing fulfilled his Soul’s Charge.

With clarity, and seemingly against all odds and rationality, he moved forward allowing the flow of the Universe to back him as if a multitude of angels themselves fell into position to assist his diminished and wounded ranks. He and his straggly men appeared as a power, rather than as a conquerable force. Such is the possibility of the Unseen, the Divine Power awaiting our clear intention so that it might support us in an abundant and mind-boggling flow.

One person, one commitment, one action, altering the course of history just as each of our thoughts and actions affect the whole. Once we are operating from that Vision Place of the Soul the power and flow of the Universe are available to support us.

Our doubting minds, like his questioning troops, inhibits the flow. Clarity and trust became the lesson here for me.

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  1. Julia Morse

    Wow! Thank you so much for this post!

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