Amazing Grace

I once was lost but now I’m found…
Was blind but now I see.

(The following was sent out to the Tree of Life community December 20, 2011.)

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa…I wish you every Grace filled moment this season.

I am writing particularly full with love for you. Today, for the last time, I took fudge to my beloved friend Dick the barber. He is retiring at the end of this month. Many of you know how the Divine has played through our friendship over the years in the most miraculous of ways. For those of you not familiar, you can read the last chapter which occurred a year ago at this exact time in The Mother Teresa Rosary: The Next Chapter posted on this blog.

How very precious our time here is together. How blessed we are to get to be in a body so we can enjoy all the wondrous emotions of loving one another. We know all this will pass. We know our time is short. We know there are only so many opportunities to care for one another…to appreciate one another. Yet, it is often not until we must say good-bye that all we have received swells our heart with a gratitude that cannot be contained. This week I also said hello to a new grandbaby coming through a poem I wrote called Little Nugget I still cannot read without crying. How love does has its way with us.

So this season, I offer a prayer of thanksgiving for each of you, for each of the moments we will be together, and for all the endings and beginnings occurring each day…especially for the ones that stir us awake. Gratefully, they can make us come undone and so, if only temporarily, remember why we are here.

I am here to love you.

Blessed Holidays…

Rev. Stephanie

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