Love Put Into Action

Love Has to Be Put into Action ~ Mother ‘Saint’ Teresa

And so we walked. In the rain. With full hearts and strong steps. The unexpected rain in a season of drought reminded me that it’s not always easy, or even convenient, to step out in support of what the heart is asking. And, it is always our choice. Yet, this past Saturday, many from different faith communities, did just that in the first Interfaith Peace Walk sponsored by the Souhegan Valley Interfaith Council. Though the vision had landed in my heart last winter, it took many hands joining together to bring this vision to fruition, a vision of many footsteps walking together, across faith traditions, in a common prayer for peace. Together, we showed, in our not-so-small way, in our corner of the world, what is possible.

We live in tumultuous times. I believe it is imperative that each of us who seeks collaboration, inclusion, unity free of uniformity, makes our voice heard. It doesn’t matter if that voice finds a public forum such as with our Interfaith Peace Walk or if it finds expression in the quiet, private moments of spiritual practice. Each impacts the collective consciousness in unique and important ways. In fact, it is always the quality of our inner practices that determines the outer expression. It is why Gandhi said we must be the change we’d like to see in the world. So, let’s each follow our heart’s prompt to do what most stirs love in us, as Saint Teresa of Avila said, to bring peace to ourselves and others.

And, lets resolve to stand together, rain or shine, in our common desire to bring all God’s sisters and brothers together to celebrate what unites us beyond difference. It is our charge. Our blessing. Our duty.

To see one another as God sees us. One and the same.


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4 responses to “Love Put Into Action

  1. Ahjan

    We walked a wet “common prayer for peace.” As a long time Peace Worker, sometimes it has felt like swimming up stream, or even banging my head against brick walls through legislative changes. I am not one ripe for political battles, but I am so sweetened in fruit to stand in the rain, prayerfully, with those whose stream is the way of Love. “Each [spiritual practice] impacts the collective consciousness in unique and important ways. In fact, it is always the quality of our inner practices that determines the outer expression.”
    Thanks, Stephanie for holding and sowing the seed for this gathering, so that we might unite and be well watered in this time of drought.

  2. Stephanie Rutt

    Ahjan, how I value and appreciate your wise insights. Thank you so much for adding your voice and heart to the conversation…

  3. Nancy Walker

    I’m rejoicing that this event was such a success! Big heart hugs for all you beautiful peacemongers whose smiles and steps affirmed that we are all one family.

    • Stephanie Rutt

      Hi Nancy! I so wish you could have been here to walk with us. It was wonderful to be doing something positive…to stand “for” the world we would imagine…Miss you!

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